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A Year of Inspiring Photo Walks and Toronto Tours (2022)

This year (2022) was a fun year for out Tdot Shots’ events. We held quite a few photo walks and walking tours, at traditional favourites and some new spots. I started thinking about the best of the meetups and I settled on a few from spring, summer and fall/winter. What made these particular events stand out was a combination of the people, the theme, the location and the photos we were able to capture.

My picks for highlight photo walks this year:

  • Spring walk May 8 at University of Toronto led by Mike Simpson
  • Light painting / Steel wool photo walk Aug. 5 at Humber Bay with Scott Visscher
  • Iconic Toronto Photo Contest photo walk Dec. 11 (awards meetup)

U of T Spring Photo Walk May 5, 2022

Great spring photo walk with flowers blooming and buds blossoming. We photographed the amazing architecture of the university campus, and got some great shots of the flora on display including tulips and cherry blossoms.

Photo walk at U of T May 5, 2022 – great group enjoyed the buildings and flowers!

The university is truthfully so reliable that any photo walk in decent weather is amazing. People are impressed by the buildings we see along the routes, and whether they are using a smartphone or pro camera, everyone comes away with great images and an unforgettable experience. There is a reason we revisit the campus at least 4x per year.

Light painting & Steel wool Aug. 5, 2022

We met at the Humber Bay and had a blast as we shot photos with walk co-leader Scott Visscher. We located a series of spots perfect for steel wool spinning and light sabre action, along the Humber River and Lake Ontario. The outstanding view of the natural landscape, the iconic arch ridge and Toronto skyline capped off the outing. We will repeat this in 2023!

Scott Visscher led the light painting and steel wool photo walk / Credits: photos by Mike Simpson
Scott Visscher sharing tips about steel wool spinning with photo walk participants

Iconic Toronto Photo Contest Awards Walk Dec. 11, 2022

Our last photo walk of 2022 was really memorable. The weather featured a light dusting of snow and seasonally cold but comfortable temperatures. We had fun venturing around the downtown between Union Station, Brookfield Place, the Financial District and TD Centre, and City Hall. There are lots of colourful festive decorations and public art to shoot in downtown during the holiday season.

We wrapped up the Iconic Toronto photo contest at end of November and the judges discussed the entries and chose finalist and winners in the following week. We presented the awards to a big group who joined us on a wintery day in early December.

Of course the highlight was the awards ceremony, which we held impromptu at Brookfield Place. It was great to have many of the winners accept their awards in person! Congrats to all the winners and finalists! We appreciate you for coming out to our awards photo walk.

Award winners and organizer Mike Simpson / Credits: photos by Sayantan Basu

Architecture and street photography was a big part of the walk. Among my favourite downtown sights the scene at Union Station on Front St. stands out, along with the interior of Brookfield Place, and the towering skyscrapers of the financial district.

Brookfield Place by @inspired_lu_
Snow cycling by @inspired_lu_

Special shout out to our judge Taky Kumabe who joined us for this event – and huge thank you to all participants in this photo walk and those who entered the contest! We will repeat this amazing experience in 2023! An announcement will come later this year. Our gratitude to Sayantan and Luba for sharing their photos after the event. We appreciate you.

Group shot from the awards ceremony / Credit: photo by Cale Heit

List of Tdot Shots Events & Photo Walks 2022

Here’s a summary of our event season. We walked from spring to winter. Thanks for coming out to our meetups! For future events in 2023 please visit tdot.com/events.

  • April 17 – Photo Walk at Downtown and Old Town Toronto (Free)
  • May 8 – Architecture Photo Walk Tour at University of Toronto ($5)
  • May 15 – Photo Walk at Trillium Park and Ontario Place (Free)
  • May 22 – Photo Walk at Financial District and Old Town Toronto (Free)
  • May 29 – Architecture Photo Walk at University of Toronto ($5)
  • June 5 – Sunrise Photo Walk at Humber Bay ($5)
  • July 8 – Photo Walk at Financial District and City Hall (Free)
  • July 13 – Photo Walk from City Hall to Chinatown (Free)
  • July 17 – Public Art Photo Walk Tour in Downtown Toronto ($8)
  • Aug 5 – Photo Walk at Downtown and Old Town Toronto (Free)
  • Aug 7 – Light Painting Photo Walk at Humber Bay ($8)
  • Aug 21 – Architecture Photo Walk Tour at University of Toronto ($5)
  • Oct. 16 – Evergreen Brickworks Photo Walk (Free)
  • Oct. 23 – Photo Walk at University of Toronto (Free)
  • Oct. 30 – Nature Photo Walk Tour and Drone Demo at High Park ($5)
  • Dec. 11 – Iconic Toronto Photo Contest Awards Meetup (Free)

We hope to do even more events this year! Our walks are usually held on Sunday evenings approximately two hours before sunset (exceptions are noted, sometimes we meet Sat.). We always update our guests on the day of the event with location information, route description and tips. Private groups can book their own event. Contact Mike Simpson for details.

Come out in 2023! We offers Meetups and Tours

Interested in joining us this year? 2023 is going to be awesome. Members of this site can contribute ideas about the photo walks by leaving a comment at the forum.

Visit the new Tdot Events site to view our event listings and to register. Interested in a private tour? Contact us via email (tdot / tdot.com) at any time and we’ll see how we can help.

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Thanks to those who shared their images with us so we could repost on our blog and social media!


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