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Create a Website with WordPress (Courses and Workshops by Mike Simpson)

Are you a designer, photographer, artist or business person? Do you have a website? Are you interested in learning how to design and manage your own site? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider taking a workshop or online course with Mike Simpson from Tdot Studio. Mike walks you…

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New Course at Tdot Studio: Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve

Announcement: We are pleased to announce our new course, “Video editing with DaVinci Resolve,” will launch in September, 2022. This course will offer you a solid introduction that will get you up and running fast. It runs weekly over 8 weeks until end of October. About the software DaVinci Resolve is absolutely one of the…

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Free Website Tools (Easy Ways to Check Speed and Reliability)

Recently I was working on some web design related projects for some friends and clients. There were two websites that were starkly different. to make a long story short, one site, created by me was loading fast and the other was super slow….. yikes! How did I know? I used a simple website speed test…

Level Up Your Digital Media Skills with Our Photo Graphics with Photoshop Online Course
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Level Up Your Digital Media Skills with Our Photo Graphics with Photoshop Online Course

Are you looking for ways to improve your design and digital media skills? Would you like to add Photoshop or video editing to your resume? You’re in the right place, ’cause we have a tip to get you on track. You can join our course “Photo Video Workshop” and up your game with a micro-program designed to elevate your design and media skillset.

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Building a Landmark: The Toronto Sign (Video by City of Toronto)

The Toronto sign is undeniably iconic. For years it has been front and centre as an integral part the spectacular City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square complex, Located just west of Old City Hall and Eaton Centre, and east of historic Osgoode Hall, the TORONTO sign beckons to tourists and locals alike. Many oblige, paying…

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New 2020 Toronto Sign: Is this Public Art Cool or Controversial?

How do you feel about the new Toronto sign? Some seem to like it. Some seem to hate it. Does the TO sign really need themed visual art layered on via a wrap? If so… What comes next?  Read on and let us know what you think. Comment on our Instagram post.  Photography by @mw_city_photography The…

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Best Size and Aspect Ratio for Your Images on Instagram and Social Media (Plus Carousel Post Tips)

Introduction: What Image Size is Best for Social Media? These days the most common format for photos and video on social media is square, but portrait is becoming more popular, thanks to the rise of Instagram. Traditionally, because the viewer was usually interacting with the media on their phone, formatting to take advantage of this…