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University of Toronto (U of T) Photo Walk and Walking Tour during Doors Open Toronto

Doors Open is a Special Opportunity to See Toronto in a New Light Doors Open Toronto, May 28 and 29, is a springtime ritual that many people love. Most of the venues are free, accessible and worth waiting in line to see. Favourites around the city include historic Osgoode Hall, mysterious Lower Bay station and…

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History & Construction of CN Tower: Architecture Defines Toronto

Article by Brotee Das Datta / Additional writing and research by Mike Simpson Defining the Toronto skyline at 553.33m, the CN Tower is undoubtedly the most recognizable structure of the city. This iconic Canadian structure is visited by over two million international tourists every year. Even 44 years after being constructed, the CN Tower is deeply…

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Photo Walk and Guided Tour at University of Toronto (U of T Meetup and Fundraiser Fall 2020)

Have you been to the downtown campus of the U of T aka “St. George”? It’s one of the gems of the west downtown and an essential walk for anyone interested in photography, architecture and history.  We are excited to announce the University of Toronto walk as the first event in the return of our…

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Spring Photo Walk 2020 Update (University of Toronto Meet-up Cancelled)

Interested in walking tours and photo walk meetups at the University of Toronto? Be sure to search our site for recent posts and view our Tdot Events site. We love the St. George campus, whether we are a large meetup group or a small private walking tour. Contact us to find out when we are…

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Tips for Self-Guided Walking Tours at the University of Toronto (With Map!)

Interested in walking tours in the hear of Toronto? I want to share this simple map and tour itinerary with you! This is a route I generally take through the U of T campus when I lead tours, take my kids for a walk or just want to be surrounded by beautiful scenery in the…

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Iconic Toronto: A Transit Fan’s History of the TTC’s CLRV Streetcar

The Canadian Light Rail Vehicle (CLRV) has been a unique staple of Toronto for 40 years. They’ve rumbled across Toronto streets ever since September 30, 1979. Now, they are retired as of December 29th, 2019.