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The Decline of Instagram as a Photography Platform (Video Killed the Social Networking Star)

Instagram may not be dead but I feel like it’s dying or in decline. And I know I’m not alone in saying that. IG has lost its ability to spark joy and is way too commercial and bloated with features. Do we need to become video editors to compete in the reels arena or connect…

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Mirrorless Cameras on a Mid-range Budget ($1,200 – $1,700)

Are you shopping for a new camera? It’s a very exciting process and one that rewards those who “shop around.” In this post, we compare features and reviews of affordable mirrorless cameras. We distill the essence to save you time. We look at a range of cameras appropriate for the prosumer market, which is pros,…

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Free Website Tools (Easy Ways to Check Speed and Reliability)

Recently I was working on some web design related projects for some friends and clients. There were two websites that were starkly different. to make a long story short, one site, created by me was loading fast and the other was super slow….. yikes! How did I know? I used a simple website speed test…

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The Pros and Cons of Drones for Aerial and Landscape Photography

Writing and photography by Farhaan Iqbal // Seeing the world from above is a unique and stunning perspective. Flying drones is also a fun hobby. The advantages of drones – whether professional or recreational – is that they have given us the ability to discover more, to see more and to go to places where we are not able to go. One such example would be volcanic hotspots.

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Technology Break: Why It’s Important to Unplug

It’s important to unplug but it might leave you feeling disconnected. Especially during a time when we can’t see our friends and family, wanting to go offline might make you feel like an outsider. If you’re like me, you often crave a simpler time when technology didn’t rule our lives, yet you can appreciate all of the opportunities available to us as a result of it.