Compulsive City Photography Disorder: Can We Cure Your CN Toweritis?

Are Photographers the Craziest of the CN Towerholics?

By Peter Yu

This post contains a photography challenge; avoid posting the tower – attempt only if you dare!

CN-Toweritis: A photography disease caused by the powerful and highly addictive image of the CN Tower whereby the photographer becomes completely dependent on it for his/her photography. It starts as the photographer casually snaps a shot of the Tower here and there. Then the feeling that the composition is made just a bit better with the CN Tower creeps in. Then it reaches its peak when the photographer no longer feels that the photo is a keeper unless the CN Tower is in the frame. Every cityscape, landscape and even portrait shots now must have the phallic tower in it! This phenomena is especially common on Instagram.

Symptom: If your last 15 Instagram posts contain 4 or 5 images of the CN Tower then you are infected. If you have 8 or 9 images of the tower then your case is severe. If you have 10 or more images then this is what we call Stage 4 CN-Toweritis in which case swift action is needed. If Stage 4 cases aren’t treated immediately the disease may become irreversible and very contagious at the same time. In such cases one will not be able to travel freely and also will not be able to live elsewhere but Toronto.

Cure: There is currently no known cure. If you do show symptoms, isolate yourself immediately for 14 days from your camera. DO NOT TOUCH your camera or look at the Tower as you drive or walk by it. And stay 2 metres or 6.5 feet away from people with tripods or anyone pointing their camera at the Tower!! Wear sunglasses and wash your eyes with water often. It may be a good idea to take a vacation to take your mind off the Tower. Avoid photography groups, meetups and watching local television channels.

The cure starts from first acknowledging that you indeed have the disease and then avoiding the Tower for your next 4 Instagram posts. This is made easier by photographing areas west of Bathurst and areas east of Bay Street. It may be difficult but avoiding night photography during the healing time will help as the Tower becomes especially alluring at night with its multitude of colours.

Folks, my name is Peter Yu and I am a CN Towerholic…..

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