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Crisis Art: “Desolate Future” by Toronto Photographer Dante Valdez aka @dntvldz

Desolate future? Sure feels like it for all of us stuck in quarantine, self-isolation and practising social distancing on rare occasions we leave the house! Let’s be patient and smart and we can beat this!

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We are grateful to our friend Dante Valdez, a photographer from the Tdot community, for sharing these amazing images with us! Take a moment and check out the artist on Instagram at @dntvldz / website https://dntvldz.wixsite.com/dntvldz

Desolate Future – Text by photographer Dante Valdez

“A friend and I decided to go out and shoot a sunset, it was like every other shoot day and the plan was a sunset skyline shot followed by a night time skyline shot with the city lights. But when he showed up with a chemical mask, I thought this could be a great concept for a shoot. I was thinking of doing something that would be relevant given the current situation we are facing.

The vision was a “what if” scenario where face masks were not enough and we’ll have to resort to a full coverage of our face and/ or our entire body due to the continuous spread. The image was intended to cause an awareness to what could quite possibly happen if we don’t practice social distancing. I shouldn’t have to go into the importance of this, since it is already all over the news and internet. But we are living in difficult times now and we really don’t know how long this will last.

Experts say this will not go away anytime soon, that we could be looking at up to 12 – 18 more months of this, at least with social distancing along with washing and sanitizing our hands we can reduce the chances of spreading the virus. Not to say we shouldn’t go out, but only if it is necessary to do so (work, necessities). I believe we all can get through this as long we practice these safe measures that were given to us. Stay healthy, Stay safe, Stay home.”

“In preparation of what may come we should also remember it’s just as important to take care of our mental health as well as our physical. Keeping a sense of hope and positivity will help us get through our current situation.”

– Dante Valdez

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