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How Do I Get My Photo Shared on Feature Pages and Hubs like Tdot Shots? (Instagram Tips)

Welcome to Tdot Shots. We’re a community-based Instagram account showcasing photos from our supporters in Toronto and the GTA.

Are you interested in getting features? 

If so these tips are for you. Please read on. 

Also be sure to read the post on Best Size and Aspect Ratio for Social Media

We try to mostly feature people who are involved in the community aka people who follow us, use our hashtag and comment on our posts. 

We look at all the images that use hashtag #tdot_shots. We consider the best shots for inclusion on our page. We always review the “top posts” that are identified by IG and go with our own intuition related to events, season and other factors.

Use the hashtag, tag us on your image, get active with our community and you’re good! 

Keep your content high-quality

Like other feature accounts or hubs, we only feature super high quality photos – so try to up your game! If you take great care in shooting and editing, and develop a solid gallery it will help you get noticed.

Be honest with yourself. Are you getting features on any hubs? If not, maybe you need to adjust your style, format or up your quality. Of course getting shared is not the goal – improving your photography and editing should be your focus


  • Follow us (the account you’re interested in)
  • Use relevant hashtags, like our hashtag #tdot_shots (up to 30!)
  • Start commenting and interacting with our posts 
  • Interact with other photographers in the hub’s community 


  • Contact us asking for a feature by DM or in a comment (don’t beg)
  • Change your approach or style just to chase features!
  • Post wide aspect ratio shots and expect to get featured (portrait is best)

The above would seem to be obvious but it’s surprising how many people on IG don’t bother engaging with their followers or people who like their photos.

If you cultivate your own following and are active in the comments section on your own posts you will help yourself, and give feature accounts like Tdot Shots more confidence that sharing your work is a good idea.

Get involved with Tdot Shots and the Toronto photo community

From spring to fall we host photo walks which are a great way to get involved and meet people in the photography community. 

Get active, use our hashtag and we’ll keep an eye out for your shots! Good luck with your photography!

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Mike Simpson is passionate about photography and education and lives in Toronto, Canada. He works as a teacher and designer, and founded Tdot Shots in early 2018.

Check him out on Instagram:


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