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Interview with Toronto & GTA Photographer Kurt Wang aka @kurt.wang

Tdot Shots presents the Five Questions Interview with Kurt Wang

Originally published October 28, 2018

Who are you?

My name is Kurt Wang, an amateur photographer from Mississauga.

How did you get into photography?

When I was a kid I was always fascinated by my father’s black and white camera. I officially started learning photography about 23 years ago, I used a very old fashion camera, and I still remember those days when I processed photographic film in the darkroom.

Though the old camera was quite different than the high tech digital cameras these days, I learnt lots of photography knowledge at that time. I dropped the hobby a few years later, and busy with other things in my life. Since last year I started shooting pictures again with my new digital camera, and have been enjoying it. 

What do you like to shoot and where?

I like to shoot sunrises a lot, in my eyes sunrise is the most splendid time of the day. I usually go to lakeshores for sunrise, I love to include skylines and the lake into my sunrise shots.In the meanwhile I also love night photography, I often roam in the city at night and capture those beautiful night lights and cityscapes.

What gear do you use?

Sony A7rii and a couple of Sony and Sigma lenses to cover most of the focal lengths.

Who are your favourite photographers? (IG links would be great)

@tonynorthrup is my favourite photographer, his works and his books are so amazing! From landscape perspective I really like @heatonthomas, learnt a lot from his video. As to GTA @akazta is my favourite photographer and also my mentor, he’s so good at almost all the areas in photography, from landscape to portrait, from nature to cityscape and from colour to BNW

.I also want to mention @peter_in_to and @smaku, their works are so gorgeous and unique! So many more……

Thank you Kurt!

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