GTA Toronto Photo Walk and Photography Meetup Groups

Feature image credit: photo taken by Tdot Mike aka @tdot_mike on a Tdot Shots photo walk at the University of Toronto, fall 2022.

It’s no secret that exploring the city and shooting photos are two of our favourite activities. Did you know there are many different photo walk meetup groups for in Toronto? We heartily endorse getting out and trying a few of these group events. Meetups are a great way to connect with new people and practice your photography.

So without further do here is our guide to the best and best known photo walk meetup groups in the city. It is our opinion that bigger does not mean better. If you go to Facebook or you will find dozens of groups with thousands of members. but these groups may lack intimacy and offer very broad programs.

In our humble opinion, and this is our pitch to you, our own community Tdot Shots, offers a great focused experience. All out events are in downtown or relatively central Toronto, and they are attended by creatives interested in photography and the arts. Our events are pretty special, and we welcome you to come out and join us for a free or paid meetup.

Please note: We do not vouch for the safety or reliability of any of the following organizations or events (only our own). Approach with common sense. Attend events held in groups in public settings. Be careful when paying fees that you research the reputation of the hosts.

List of Toronto Photo Walk Groups

Toronto Photo Walks

This group has a website with an active blog which we like because it features photos from their meetups and gives a quick idea of what they are about. Many posts feature a group shot and a rundown of the meeting spot, walk route and where they end up.

Interestingly they usually seem to meet at and end their walks at a cafe, or pub. Obviously food and drink are important to the organizers and walkers! Meeting for a coffee or beer before or after the event would certainly add to the social aspect of a photography meetup.


Get Out and Shoot Toronto

This is one of the biggest photo meetup groups with many thousands of members on Some of our guests have told us they have also experienced Get Out and Shoot events.

Reviewing their site we can see they are really big on testimonials. Photographers have seem to have enjoyed their events. They offer events in Toronto and outside of the city in the smaller towns in the GTA aka Greater Toronto Area.


West Toronto Photography Group

A long-term meetup group in the west end of the city, they offer meetups with nice focuses such as fashion, dance and portraits. They have collaborations with Weston area groups such as FoodShare Toronto and the Artscape Weston Commons. Some events are paid and some are free.


Tdot Shots and Iconic Toronto

We are Tdot Shots and we welcome you to our community and invite you to our photowalk meetups and walking tours. Like other groups we offer paid and free meetups. We love a variety of locations including downtown Toronto in Old Town Toronto (St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood), and the Financial District, the University of Toronto campus and waterfront spots like Harbourfront and Humber Bay.

Our events are presented in association with our project, Iconic Toronto, which “celebrates the culture and history of the city through the lens of photography.” In that spirit, many of our walks take place in the most iconic places in Toronto, and we always point out the best photo spots. Our meetups are great networking and city exploration opportunities.

Visit our blog and out events registration site to check out our offerings!

Event site:

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GTA Photography Workshops

This is a private group. It has 1500 members so it has some popularity. We thought the upcoming event called “Photographing Birds of Prey” looks interesting. the organizer, Peter, also offers online programs and courses such as Photoshop CC (sounds familiar as we offer our courses online).

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