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Light Painting and Steel Wool Photography on Toronto Island with Scott Visscher (Tdot Shots Workshop Gallery)

On Sunday May 12, we hosted another amazing light painting and night photography workshop with contributor Scott Visscher. It was a bit nippy and overcast but at sunset the sun was out and when the sun went down Scott performed some visual magic with his excellent variety of light painting and steel wool setups.

About the Event

For the third year, we have partnered with night photography specialist, Scott Visscher to offer some workshops that feature light painting and steel wool demonstrations. We expect to offer this again in mid-summer and/or fall. Stay tuned to our social page and our events site tdot.cc for more info.

Co-host and demo leader Scott Visscher has an amazing gallery on his Instagram. Do follow Scott at @scottvisscher.

Photos from our participants

We got lucky – so many of our workshop participants captured beautiful images.

Photos by Rajib Banerjee

Our contributor Rajib, shared an amazing image which we used as our feature image for this post and we’d like to share Rajib’s posts from the event here. Click or swipe through the carousel to view all the pics! Thank you Rajib!

Photos by Ardian

Another participant with a good eye and solid photographic technique is Ardian. Thanks for capturing this light painting scene so well!

Photos by Marni Appel

Our contributor, Marni Appel, shared images via social media. We are grateful to be able to include the artists’ images in this gallery. Thanks Marni.

Photos by James Henebry

James is a GTA-based photographer who has participated in many of our photo walks. Here are some images by James from this workshop. We appreciate the contribution James!

Testimonial by James Henebry

“This photo walk was an excellent opportunity to practice and develop long exposure shots, while learning from other photographers. Events like these are a great way to see how others work and capture their photographs. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and to learn. One thing about photographers is they typically love to share how they captured something. So don’t be afraid to ask.

These particular shots were taken with a long shutter speed, in the 8 to 12 second range, with an aperture (f stop) ranging from F10 to F22. Iso was as low as possible (around 100 to 125) to prevent any grain from appearing on the final product.  I would recommend tweaking these settings as you take your photos, maybe adjust your Fstop or shutter speed to get the desired look you are aiming for.

A tripod was needed and a remote shutter release was very helpful. I used an app that connects my camera to my phone. You could also the shutter delay timer on the camera as well.

Would also recommend touching up your photos in Lightroom. I had some dust spots on my shots and played around with some of the editing features to give the photos the desired look I was aiming for. Try to keep the edits looking as natural as possible,  but don’t be afraid to try new editing work flows.

Thanks to Mike and Scott for modeling and using the the props for us to capture these shots. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to the next one”

Thank you James. Hope to see you again soon! Please follow the artist on social media @henebreezy

BIG THANKS to all our participants and contributors.

Please register for our events at tdot.cc, our community site. We have lots of cool photo walks and tours planned for 2024 and beyond!

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