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by | Oct 10, 2021

A Diverse Network of Creators in Toronto

Through Tdot Shots and Tdot Studio we have met many amazing creative people in this city, and we support them through our social media and blog.

We have featured 3 member posts on our blog and social recently. Our contributors include: Michelle Thompson, Frida Vokshi and Donna Chong.

Please visit their articles/interviews:

Interview with Photographer Donna Chong
Interview with Artist Frida Vokshi
Article on Foreground in Photography by Michèle Thompson

Thank you to all our contributors!

About Our Online Community

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Our membership community Tdot Studio launched in September. We have about 75 members who are largely from the Tdot Shots and Toronto photography community. 

It’s been a deliberate and rewarding process, moving from most networking on social media like Instagram, to moving to in real life events like photo walk meetups and establishing this online community space we call Tdot Studio.


 Please also view our member posts on our Instagram: 

Tdot Shots

Tdot Shots


Tdot Shots is a website and IG page supporting photographers & artists in Toronto, Canada. Check us out at and @tdot_shots on insta!

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