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Nature in the City: Photographing Snowy Owls in Toronto

Feature image credit Pixabay / Instagram posts by the photographer Carl Pawlowski

Can you imagine how interesting and magical it would be to go out to shoot photos and be able to capture a snowy owl in Toronto?

This was the experience of Carl aka @pawlowski.outdoors on a recent outing in the Toronto area.

The scene was foggy and the photographer managed a couple of amazing captures of the snowy owl on a branch with an amazing sight behind the majestic bird – the CN Tower loomed in the mist, the tip of the urban skyline reminding the viewer they are in the city, not the country.

Seeing these photos makes us think we should get out for a few walks this winter, and experience the natual areas of the city.

Amazing capture, and apparently Carl concieved of the opportunity before the recent shoot: “I’ve been visualizing this photo in my head for a long time now. Every time I’ve seen this dead tree with the CN Tower in the background, I imagined this shot, with a Snowy Owl perched proudly in front of my city. It’s an image I knew I couldn’t chase, it’s one that just had to happen. I had to be in the right place at the right time, and so did this beautiful owl.

Where did the photographer shoot this scene? Was it east of the city in Tommy Thompson Park or perhaps Scarborough Bluffs? Or was it the west side near Humber Bay Park?

We don’t know so we are reaching out to the photographer to get clarification.

Says the photographer on Instagram: “Still can’t believe these shots presented themselves to me. At first, I wasn’t sure the angle would work out, but as I very slowly crept towards the position I thought would work, I realized that I’d have to sacrifice my warmth and dry feet to get it. I moved down a slope towards the shore, and ended up having to stand partially in Lake Ontario when it was -17C to get this. 1000% worth it. And thank goodness for wool socks and GoreTex.”

Considering how cold it has been lately it is definitely smart to layer up with wool socks and GroeTex. Great work in sacrificing the body for a few totally epic shots. Definitely in the realm of an unforgettable experience.

According to the photographer’s Instagram bio, they shoot and document wildlife, landscapes and canoeing in Scarborough and Haldimand County (Niagara/ Lake Erie region). They shoot @nikoncanada z6ii, 200-500mm, 20mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8 lenses.

Have you ever experienced a nature shoot like this? How far would you go to get the perfect shot? Let us know in the comments here on the blog or in our Instagram post.

More Owls by Carl Pawlowski

The photographer has a number of gorgeous owl shots in their portfolio. Here are a few we liked. Be sure to give Pawlowski a follow: @pawlowski.outdoors

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