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Photo Tours Get You Out and Exploring Toronto This Spring

Spring is on the way. We eagerly await the mid point of March when puddle shooting season is in full swing. And we’re very excited to announce our spring photo walk lineup. Let’s get out and shoot!

To get a head start on the season, we held a photo walk on Sunday Feb. 5 at the University of Toronto that positively felt spring like with plus zero temperatures, puddles and that mild weather vibe that gets us all inspired for warmer seasons in the city.

UPDATE April 21 / We have 4 more photo walks this spring season, taking us through April and May.

  • April 23 / Toronto Harbourfront Photo Walk (FREE, RSVP limit reached)
  • April 30 / Light Painting and Steel Wool Photography Workshop at Port Lands and Cherry Beach (Tickets are $10)
  • May 21 / University of Toronto History-Architecture Photo Walk and Tour (Tickets are $5)
  • May 28 / Downtown Photo Walk at Financial District and Old Town Toronto (FREE)

Visit our Photo Walk and Tour registration site for updates and current schedule.

Upcoming Spring Photo Walk Meetups

From February to April we will meet with explorers and photographers around the city. Our meetups and walking tours are weekly. We hope you’ll come out to a couple!

We’d like to highlight our special Spring Photo Walk on March 18 (postponed to March 25), at Allan Gardens, which will be a unique photo walk tour led by Tdot Shots founder, Mike Simpson. Starting at the greenhouse and park, we’ll wind our way down through Yonge St neighbourhoods around Church St all the way to Yonge and Dundas Square (across from Eaton Centre).

This photo walk is free. It will be a unique meetup as we have not visited this area as a group before. Bonus: Participants can contribute their photos from the event to features on our websites and social channels.
Please register for the meetup.

Note: this event is postponed to March 25.

Officially the spring equinox is on Monday, March 20, at 5:24 P.M. this seasonal occurrence marks the beginning of longer days which are welcome after a long dark winter season. As the Almanac discusses, after the spring equinox, the “Northern Hemisphere begins to be tilted more toward the Sun, resulting in increasing number of daylight hours, with earlier dawns and later sunsets!” Hence, more sun every day! Yay! 😀

Spring Schedule

  • February 19 (Sun.) – Downtown Financial District and Old Town Toronto (register)
  • February 26 (Sun.) – Downtown Sunset Henge Shoot (register)
  • March 5 (Sun.) – University of Toronto (register)
  • March 18 (postponed to March 25) (Sat.) – Spring Walk at Allan Gardens and Yonge St. (register)

More events, photo walks and walking tours will be announced in April / May and throughout the summer. We host events until late fall.

About the Financial District / Old Town Toronto

The financial district is a spectacular spot for street and architectural photography. A little west, along Front St. you’ll find Old Town Toronto, otherwise known as the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. Nearby gems include Berczy Park, the Gooderham building and St. James cathedral.

Gooderham building by AGC
Cow sculpture at TD Centre by SM

About the University of Toronto / Photos

One of the most beautiful areas of the city is the campus in the west downtown. Sprawling across several major streets and enveloped by leafy residential streets, the U of T is literally an oasis. Here are some photos from the marvelous University of Toronto St. George campus. We host regular photo walks and walking tours here.

U of T in spring / summer by The West End
Trinity College via their website

About Allan Gardens / Photos

This year we introduce photo walks and walking tours in the lovely Allan Gardens on the east side of downtown Toronto. Our first meetup at Allan Gardens this year is March 18. Please register. We think the downtown east is under-appreciated and we invite you to explore it with us!

Photo by Mike Simpson / Tdot Events
Allan Gardens Conservatory by MC

From Wikipedia: Allan Gardens (founded in 1858) is one of the oldest parks in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has a conservatory (greenhouse), a playground and two fenced off-leash areas for dogs. Rare tropical plants from all over the globe are nurtured inside five greenhouses covering 16,000 square feet. Admission is free.

Harbourfront / Waterfront

We love to wander along Toronto’s beautiful waterfront particular in the downtown section called Harbourfront.

Power Plant at Harbourfront by Clio1789

Join us at a Toronto Event

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour of Toronto in spring. Want to explore with us?

We invite you to join our photo walks and walking tours. All are welcome.

Please visit our website Tdot.com/events to register for an event.

See you soon!

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