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Tdot Shots Create Community Photo Contest 2020 (Toronto, GTA, Golden Horseshoe)

By Scott Harrald

Here Comes the Tdot Shots 2020 Contest!
(View from the Community)

Spring has sprung! Or has it? One thing is for certain, the annual Tdot Shots Photo Contest is back! With a theme of “Create Community” and running May 15 to July 1, this year’s contest couldn’t come at a better time as we reflect on how we impact our communities and what our role as photographers and creators is.

Back in 2018, after a relatively long hiatus from photography, I was thrilled to discover the thriving Toronto photography community and Tdot Shots. Over a relatively short period, I’ve witnessed this community grow; photo walks that became more and more popular, to a growing social media footprint that saw new feature accounts and community building initiatives such as the blogs and this contest. As we all sit at home wondering what the future will bring, I thought now might be an opportunity for me to volunteer to help Tdot Shots efforts to inspire and create community.

These past few months have certainly been trying times as families and communities have struggled to adjust and cope with the challenges of COVID-19. As life as we knew it ground to a near halt, terms such as “social distancing” and “flattening the curve” have become part of our new daily lexicon. We look at our world with a fresh perspective as we strive to maintain social connections through technology, and relevant to all of us, creativity. Opera singers sang from their balconies, musicians played from their porches and paintings, pictures and street chalk art now adorn our homes and cities with messages of hope and resilience.

The Tdot Shots Create Community Photo Contest is your opportunity to share your recent journey, and that of your community or city, as we continue to transition through this pandemic and learn how to work and live together under the “new normal.”

With photo submission categories of: City & Town, Community and GTA FFA, there is something for everyone – Cityscape & Landscape, Portrait & Street and finally a no-holds barred “free for all” (FFA) photo editing category. The great news is, you don’t even need to go outside to participate in this contest! Contestants can submit photos taken from any period, or, they can try their editing skills and creativity through editing from our pool of photos for the GTA FFA category.

For me personally, I find the process of actually taking photos as therapeutic and just as much a critical part of my physical and mental health regime as going for a walk, run or bike. If, like me, you elect to venture outside to take photos, please be mindful of current provincial and local COVID restrictions and guidelines. Please ensure to visit the Tdot Shots Photo Contest website (https://tdotshots.com) for further contest rules and COVID disclaimer.

With this all said, I can’t wait for the day we can resume our photo walk gatherings. Stay safe out there and I look forward to seeing the creativity that’s just waiting to be unleashed. To all those who enter the contest “Good luck!”

Find Scott on Instagram at @scott_harrald

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