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Tdot Shots Photo Contest presents Finalists for City and Town Category

Very happy to announce the finalists for the City & Town category! Congratulations to all and good luck!

Our panel of judges short listed about two dozen images for this category and then chose 2-3 favourites. We compromised on a final list of 5 and published them today. Hope you will comment on the post!

Our criteria was fairly wide open because “City & Town” basically means “urban” and anything recognizable as a location within the GTA and Golden Horseshoe qualified (if you used #tdot_CC20 and followed Tdot Shots and Prolab Canada).

This category had a ridiculous number of entries – most of the 2K images tagged were city photos. It just so happens that our favourites this year were shots mostly taken along the beautiful waterfront. We have two gorgeous sunrise images, a sunset killer, a moody overcast shot, and a wild shot of the airshow over the CN Tower.

People like our selections but we got two complaints: that a shot looked like a composite, and that all the shots had the CN Tower in them. We make no apologies. We encourage people to get creative so composites are always welcome. And some of the most beautiful spots to shoot in this city happen to be the waterfront, with wonderful views of the city skyline (which obviously includes the tower). We are proud of our selections and have no regrets about nominating these images.

Are there other worthy locations? Absolutely! But this is not a travel guide or list about different spots in Toronto. We are under no obligation to make some kind of attempt to be “fair” to other places or landmarks in the city 

Besides we have two more categories to announce and discuss this week: the GTA FFA and the Community category so we are going to get TEN MORE IMAGES to celebrate, many of which are street, portrait or creative edits from around Greater Toronto.

One further note re: location. For 2020 we opened up the contest to both the GTA and Golden Horseshoe. At first this was exciting because I saw a few posts entered that were from places like Hamilton and Niagara. After some time though the non-toronto shots became a trickle. If you are from Durham, York, Peel, Halton, Niagara or Hamilton please tag us in your photos and we will try to feature the best!

Last year we awarded prizes in 3 categories as well: cityscape, landscape, and street. Only one of these shots had the city skyline in frame – that was the cityscape winner, appropriately enough.

Thanks to everyone who entered and supported the contest, including the volunteers, FFA photographers and judges (@tylersjourney, @rajeevkugan and @mikesimpson.ms).

Check out the finalists’ post and stay tuned for the announcements for the GTA FFA, Community categories and the Winners (to be announced by July 15). 

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