Tdot Shots Toronto GTA Photo Contest 2019

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2019 Photo Contest Winners and Finalists!

The contest is over! Very pleased to have announced the winners on our Winter PhotoWalk on Dec. 22!

Please read out announcement blog post, and head over to Instagram to visit @tdot_shots for the announcement posts for the winners and runners-up.

Congratulations to all and thanks everyone who participated! 

Photo by @blindmonkeystudios - Winner Tdot Shots Contest Landscape Category
Photo by @blindmonkeystudios – Winner Tdot Shots Contest Landscape Category
Photo by @mathieuestibals - Winner Tdot Shots Contest Cityscape Category
Photo by @mathieuestibals – Winner Tdot Shots Contest Cityscape Category
Photo by @____krlvc - Winner Tdot Shots Contest Street Category
Photo by @____krlvc – Winner Tdot Shots Contest Street Category

2019 Toronto Photo Contest  by Tdot Shots


Our annual photo contest took place from November 1 to December 15, 2019.

We awarded prizes for best landscape, cityscape and street photos! These were the requirements:

  • Post photos of Toronto / GTA on Instagram
  • Follow @tdot_shots and @prolabcanada
  • Use hashtag #tdot_shots_contest19

Thank you to all who participated. It was so much fun we plan to do it next year! See you in 2020!

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Tdot Shots Photo Contest – Prizes, Rules and Category Definitions


Winners of each category receive:

$100 gift certificate for professional photo printing from ProLab Canada (online service, ships anywhere in Canada)


To enter the contest do the following:

  • Post your Toronto/GTA photos on Instagram between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15
  • In the caption use the hashtag #tdot_shots_contest19
  • Follow @tdot_shots and @prolabcanada

As always, please continue to use our regular hashtag #tdot_shots if you are interested in features (photos we feature will still qualify for the contest)

Please follow our judges and friends:,, @smaku, @gta_features


There are 3 categories:

  • Landscape
  • Cityscape
  • Street


Landscape: Most of frame is a natural setting such as a park or beach, containing land formations, sky or body of water such as a lake. May also contain flora and fauna including: animals, plants, trees, or forest. 

Cityscape: More than 50% of frame is composed of buildings, rooftops and roadways. Contains elements such as a city skyline, iconic towers, bridges or other urban structures.

Street – Most of frame is composed of flat urban area such as a street, sidewalk, or plaza. Usually contains multiple people interacting in a street scene, may contain vehicles (cars, transit, bicycles).


Crossover categories: Some photos may overlap multiple categories; our judges will decide which category a photo belongs to. Also, composites are permitted but must be the definitions above.

Not accepted categories: images or media in styles such as portrait, automotive, fashion, music, 3D render, illustration, video (you may continue to tag our usual hashtag #tdot_shots for non-contest media)

Location: Photos must be taken in and recognizable as Toronto / Greater Toronto Area.

This contest is not affiliated with Instagram.