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Toronto Light Festival at Distillery District (Winter Fun and Photo Ops)

Photos and article by Donna Chong

This year’s Toronto Light Festival is one of the best in recent years. If you’re looking for an evening of magical family fun head down to the beautiful, historic Distillery District to check out the Light Installations.

This year marks the 4th year of the festival which was started to light up the dark, cold winter months with pretty lights from local and international light artists.

My favourites include the twinkling light installation Submergence created by Suidsoup from the U.K. It’s trippy, it’s pretty and the 5,000 lights dance and twinkle in different colour combinations.

Be sure to stand underneath it to fully experience a thousand lights dancing around you.

At Firefly field you’ll also find twinkling lights set along the ground that remind you of a field of fireflies on a warm, enchanted summer night. Firefly field was created by the artist Toer from the Netherlands.

For the kids and the kid in each of us, there are swings installed under pretty cloud formations that change colour when you start swinging. Cloud Swing is by Lindsay Glatz + Curious Form, United States. It was my daughter’s favourite.

Sydmonauts by Amigo & Amigo, Australia showcases giant astronauts floating above the ground as well as sitting and standing in the Distillery leading you to wonder if maybe you’re in another world and not really on earth after all. The Sydmonauts invite people to interact with them.

Shrooms is an indoor installation with colourful giant blowup mushrooms. Walk around them and enjoy entering another imaginary world where the fungi are as big as trees.

The festival runs till March 1st and is free. Bundle up, get outside and have fun. It will light up your night!



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