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Trippy Terra Lumina is a Futuristic Night Walk Exhibit at Toronto Zoo

Terra Lumina, by Moment Factory takes you on an enchanted night walk into the future in the year 2099 in a world where man, nature and the animal kingdom live as one. It is a 1.5 kilometer journey at the Toronto Zoo that starts when you enter a portal of light that takes you around different installations using vibrant lighting, multimedia effects, and breathtaking video projections. The use of fog when you enter the beautiful portal transports you to another world.

Moment Factory makes excellent use of the zoo setting to integrate its installations and to send a hopeful, positive message that change is possible and the future is now. After entering the portal, you walk to the Luminous forest where the trees are brightly lit in an immersive and colourful light display.

Terra Lumina photo by Donna Chong

At the Wolves’ Welcome, a beautiful video projection shows wolves running through the forest and howling at the moon. We were there on the night of the snow super full moon and the sound and sight of the howling wolves was eerie and enchanting.

At Circle of Life, you are invited to drum and play together to unleash the full power and beauty of a future filled with light.

Passage to the present takes you into a flashing light tunnel back to the present where bright messages of hope inspire you as you end your journey.

Terra Lumina runs until April 13. Dress warmly and head to the zoo with your family to enjoy this fun, light-filled experience. Buy your tickets in advance to schedule your time and day for your night walk. It took us a couple of hours including many stops to take photos and enjoy some hot chocolate. You’ll be happy you did.

Website: http://www.torontozoo.com/terralumina
Location: Toronto Zoo
Cost:(Adults $29.99, Children 3-12, $24.99, $8.00 parking)

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