Welcome to Tdot Shots: Join our Toronto Photo and Creative Community

Sincere greetings to you and welcome to our site. We are Tdot Shots, a photography and creative community in Toronto, Canada.

Since 2018 we have been featuring the photography and art of Greater Toronto area creatives on our social media and websites. We have shared the photography of over 500 creators in the city. Hundreds of photographers have joined our photo walk meetups. We host an annual photo contest and an online community and courses site called Tdot Studio.

If you get involved, our community will support and welcome you. Join us today.

Tdot Shots Instagram: @tdot_shots
Tdot Shots website: tdotshots.com
Tdot Studio website: tdot.com/studio
Tdot Events website: tdot.com/events

Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to collaborating with you! 😀

Tdot Shots Photo Walks Toronto
Photo walks around the city of Toronto

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