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Work With Us: Advertise, Sponsor, Collaborate, or Volunteer
with Tdot Shots Toronto

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2020 is here! Happy New Year!


Let’s create some cool digital content for you on social media!

Are you looking to reach a smart, urban audience in Toronto and the Greater Toronto region? Consider working with us on an event, contest or marketing campaign.

We are looking for opportunities to partner with companies in photo art, entertainment, education and retail.

Showcase your brand, service or product to a grassroots community-based audience!

Events for 2020:

– Photo Walks: Our community meet-ups are held 6-8x per year
– Photo Contest: Our contest is held annually (from Nov. to mid Dec.)
– Photo Exhibit: Coming in 2020/2021, featuring iconic Toronto landmarks

Digital Content:

– Instagram posts & stories
– Blog posts on our website

If you have any questions please get in touch with us! Our founder, Mike Simpson, welcomes you to reach out via email or DM on Instagram.

Help Wanted: Social Media Volunteer/Intern

Are you a social media student or individual looking for volunteer and internship opportunities? Send us a message via email or DM on IG.

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Events Calendar 2020

April – Spring Photo Walk at U of T
May – Doors Open Photo Walk at Osgoode Hall
June – Summer Photo Walk at Beaches
July – Downtown Walk in Business District
August – Summer Photo Walk at Harbourfront

Fall / Winter TBA (To Be Announced, including our year-end photo contest walk, and fall walk at U of T)

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Photo Walk group shot Spring 2019 at Osgoode Hall Toronto, during Doors Open festival