We Are Tdot Shots: We Support Creators & Community

Photo walk at University of Toronto, 2020

Toronto is one of the world’s most active cities for photography, art, design and media creation. Creativity fuels culture and powers new ideas.

Tdot Shots plays a role in this creative culture by supporting photographers and artists via:

  • meetups and photo walks
  • annual Toronto photo contest 
  • Tdot Studio community site
  • online courses in digital media

You can find us on Instagram! We are @tdot_shots (our hashtag is #tdot_shots). Read on to learn more!

Join our community! We invite you to participate in a photo walk meetup / walking tour. Visit Tdot Events to sign up!

A Brief History of Tdot.com

Mike Simpson founded Tdot.com in 1998, and has worked in the media and education space for over two decades, mainly in web and graphic design, teaching and training. Tdotshots.com was created in 2018 to provide a platform for local creatives and photographers.

Courses and Training for Creators via Tdot Studio

Tdot.com offer training through the Tdot Studio membership site. “Create Websites with WordPress” and “Photo Video Workshop” are micro courses offering quick-start, practical approaches to web, graphics, and media production.

Photo Graphics with Photoshop
Create WordPress Websites

Creating with our community at Tdot Studio

Our community membership site was established in 2021. Registration is free. Members can access meetup schedules, event registration forms, a members blog and online courses (for premium members).

Tdot Shots Photo Walks aka Tdot Events

Mike has led photo walk meetups since 2018. The walks are informal and take place in downtown neighbourhoods: University of Toronto St. George Campus, High Park, Graffiti Alley and the Financial District are a few of our favourites! Visit Tdot Events to register and learn more about our programs!

Photo walk at Osgoode Hall, 2019

Photos by @scottyp.photography, @mcpartist and @tdot_shots

A True Community

We have hosted 300+ photographers over our 4 years – the most amazing aspect is the dedication of our core group. We are proud of our volunteers and supportive members who are welcoming to newcomers and return season after season. Thanks for helping to make the magic happen.

Photo walk at University of Toronto, 2020

Tdot Shots on Instagram

The Instagram grid reflects our interest in a diverse gallery. We feature photographs in the following categories: landscape, cityscape, street, architecture, art, and environmental portrait. Images also promote our events such as the annual photo contest and seasonal photo walks.

Curating photography from across Toronto and the GTA is a rewarding process. Reposting images from our supporters is a way to support and give back. Most of our features are from photographers we have met in real life, often at our events.

We can advise you on Instagram best practises. Hire us to manage your social media.

Tdot Shots by the Numbers


Number of supporters (we describe our Instagram followers as supporters). We have grown quickly since our founding in May 2018


Number of photographers and artists we have featured. We feature new and upcoming talent in the City of Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area).


Number of photos tagged with our main hashtag #tdot_shots. For a chance to be featured include this in your caption

Collaborations and Partnerships

We invite organizations and businesses to work with us on digital media and social media campaigns. Since 2018 we have worked with:

  • CN Tower
  • ProLab Canada
  • The Professional Centre
  • ego Ride Share

Our collaborative work takes the form of sponsorship of events such as photo walk meetups or sponsored content also known as content marketing. Let’s brainstorm something and work together!

In 2021 we collaborated on a special meetup for our supporters with CN Tower. Our longest running endeavour has been our annual photo contest, launched in November 2019. We are grateful for the involvement of our lead sponsor ProLab Canada.  This year we welcomed The Professional Centre to our sponsor roster., and they supported our photo contest. In 2020 we presented a series of long form posts covering themes of art, photography and travel around Toronto and the GTA. We are grateful to series sponsor ego ride share.

Please reach out if you would like to work with us. We have some great events and projects coming up!

Iconic Toronto Photo Contest by Tdot Shots

Iconic Toronto

2023 Photo Contest!

We present a contest for the community of Greater Toronto Area photographers. Submit your photos!

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary at the CN Tower!

In 2021, our community celebrated 3 years of meetups with a photo walk to the CN Tower. The tower graciously provided a dozen tickets and we gave them to our supporters via a giveaway.

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