Upcoming posts: Our spring blog series launches in April and we publish weekly posts through end of June. Summer is arriving soon and we invite you to send a proposal for a summer or fall blog post if you would like to contribute.

Themes: Our current interest is the wide variety of urban and nature photography and for early 2022 we will explore genres from street and architecture to landscape and wildlife. Generally speaking, we are interested in a wide variety of topics, from creativity and media production, to culture, and lifestyle.

We also want to expand our coverage to also include portrait or event photography. Anything focused on Toronto and the GTA is welcome.

Read on for details about contributing to our 2022 series.  If you have an interesting idea please get in touch.


Do you write? Our blog is the core of our site and we welcome written contributions.

If you have a draft or an idea about an article we want to hear from you.


Do you take photos or do art and design? Talk to us about your portfolio and we’ll see if your content works with our upcoming blog posts or events.

Get in touch to collaborate.


Do you shoot video? We are expanding our content and we are happy to publish your video content. We are especially interested in portrait aspect reels and landscape aspect ratio video for YouTube.


Getting published is great for your portfolio! Contributing to our blog as a writer is an opportunity to promote yourself and develop core digital communication skills. A photo or video clip contribution is welcome too!


Tdot Shots was founded to support the photography and creative community in Toronto. We are a grassroots organization and have rewarded our supporters with photo walks, photo contests, and events around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).


First you simply need to reach out via email. Send us a letter of introduction and share links to your portfolio. We prefer to see a website in addition to social media but your IG or Flickr page is a start.


Unless we are working with a sponsor and have a budget we are asking for volunteer contributions. In return we credit you clearly, promote your work as often as we can, and keep you in mind for when we offer paying gigs.

You retain full rights to your work. We will never share your work with a third party and we’ll only use it on our websites and social pages.

We republish writing, photos, video and art. Many blog articles start life as a 250 word caption on Instagram.


Our contributors receive a half year of premier membership at Tdot Studio our community site, and this membership includes access to special events, online courses, and other perks.


We find a shared folder created in Google Drive works best. Create a Google document for your text.

Writing: 200 words is fine for a draft. We will let you know whether we need a longer article after we review your writing. Content ranges from 500 words for a short blog post to 800 words for a longer feature article.

Photography: Images should be at least 2000 pixels on the short side. Larger images are useful as they allow us to crop. Lightly edited images are best (no extreme vignette, sharpening or saturation). Wide aspect ratio images and portrait images are welcome – however the lead image on our posts is usually wide/landscape.

Video: Individual video clips are fine and edited sequences with at least 3-4 shots are best. 1080p is the minimum and 4k is welcome. MP4s are fine. If we need higher quality video we will let you know.


If you have read our guidelines, have something worthy to contribute, or want to ask a question, drop us a note. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Email us: Via the Contact page

Thank you for contributing to Tdot Shots!

Mike Simpson
Founder of Tdot Shots and