Toronto Photo Walk Meetups

Our 2023-2024 photo walks are offered to our supporters, contributors and community.
Registration is required. All are welcome. Private tours are available.

Update Dec. 2023: We are offering photo walks and tours in Toronto. Visit to register. Next event is February 2024 and regular walk schedule resumes in spring. You can also always book a private tour.

General Information: Follow @tdot_shots on Instagram for more information about our events. Read on for info on how you can register for our photo walks and to see the current schedule.

For safety and comfort we may limit the number of participants. Please contact us to register. Thank you.

Contact: Reach out via email [email protected]

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Photo Walk Schedule 2023-2024

Photo walks are ongoing. Please visit the listings page and sign up for a walk.

In 2023 and 2024 we plan to host 15-20 meetups per year. Contact us if you have an idea for a photo walk. Volunteers are welcome.

John Tdot Shots founder Mike Simpson and the Toronto photo community, for a range of unique and fun meetups.

Advanced registration is required. Some walks are free, and others, including workshops require a payment. Walks take place rain or shine.

How to Register

All are welcome. We ask you to RSVP for free events or pay a small fee for a ticket. Please visit Tdot Events to register. Thank you.

Contact / Tdot Studio

Reach out via email ([email protected]). Please register for our community site Tdot Studio to take online courses or read our members blog.