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Best Spots for Cherry Blossoms aka Sakura Viewing and Photography in Toronto

Feature image by Mike Simpson taken at Grenadier Pond in High Park, Toronto

Spring has been a mix of cool and warm days but the overall trend since winter has been mild – so mild in fact there have been record breaking days and so much general warmth that the cherry blossoms have arrived early! they are at least two weeks ahead of schdule as they typically appear in the first week of May.

It is April 25 as I write this and blooms are blooming all over town, from Trinity Bellwoods at Queen St. West to high Park in the west end. There are also some alternative spots including York University, the CNE Exhibition grounds and the University of Toronto.

List of top spots for blooms:

  • High Park
  • Trinity Bellwoods Park
  • York University
  • University of Toronto

High Park

As of April 22, 2024, the cherry blossoms in High Park have reached peak bloom.
The fluffy white petals of the blossoms are clearly visible. The period known as “Peak bloom” is expected to last between 4-10 days, depending on weather conditions.
Cool, calm weather can extend the bloom period, while warm, unsettled weather can shorten it. It can get crowded here so go early or end of day. Weekdays may be best.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Another popular location for cherry blossom viewing near downtown Toronto. This spot can have a very hectic almost festival like atmosphere. go early to avoid crowds.
People congregate under a grove of blossoming cherry trees, especially when the cherry blossoms are already in peak bloom.

York University

A lesser known spot in the north end of the city with some very pretty sightlines for snapping photos of people and rows of cherry trees. If you want a quieter location this may be the one for you though it is a little out of the way.

University of Toronto / U of T

The University of Toronto’s Robarts Library is a spot where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in all their splendor. A week or two after the peak bloom of cherr trees you can also catch a photo at the marvellous crab apple trees in the front of Trinity College – a special location that lets the season stretch further after the last petals of the cherry blossoms have fallen.

City of Toronto listings and map

If you want to see cherry blossoms you have many options. the city has a map that you can consult for viewings in the east or west end, north of the city and downtown. There are dozens of locations so go forth and explore!


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