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Digital Art Feature by Toronto Wildlife and Nature Photographer Carlier Morejon

Feature image and all photography by Carlier Morejon

The following is a post by Toronto creative community member, Carlier Morejon, who has been wowing us with some incredible photo editing for the last few years. In this post Carlier explains the inspiration and creative process. We have included some images from Carlier’s Instagram.

Carlier has an incredible portfolio of photography and visual art. As explained in the creator’s bio, “Carlier invites us to embark on a journey of reintegration, reminding us that our true home lies not just within the walls of buildings, but in the arms of nature itself. An open invitation to our current and future generation to reconnect and come HOME.” Well said, and we are grateful Carlier contributed this post.

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Article and images by Carlier Morejon. Follow the artist on Instagram: @carlieramat

Living in a condo on the 42nd floor and working in a metal tube up in the air can sometimes make it difficult to feel connected to the real ground. However, I have found a way to bring myself back to earth every morning. As the sun begins to rise, my creative process comes alive. It starts with a refreshing morning run, where the full contact of my footsteps with the real ground helps me clear my mind and prepares me for the day ahead. After my run, I take a few moments to meditate, allowing myself to fully immerse in the present moment and gather inspiration from within. 

But my creative journey doesn’t stop there. Personal data collection plays a crucial role in my work. City parks like Tommy Thompson Park, The Humber River, High Park and Centre Island have become my favourite playgrounds in the city, as I patrol their extensive grounds capturing snapshots of nature’s wonders. Through my lens, I showcase the beauty of flowers blooming, our local wildlife in action, and the tranquility that can only be found in these natural spaces. 

Architecture also holds a special place in my heart. As I explore the city, I seek out meaningful places and capture their essence through my camera. From historic landmarks to modern marvels, each photograph tells a story, reminding us of the significance of our surroundings. 

The core of my message lies in reconnecting with nature and discovering our true home outside the confines of buildings. In this fast-paced world, we often forget the healing power of the natural world around us. Through my photography, I aim to ignite that spark within others, reminding them of the importance of reintegration.  

Spending time in nature nourishes my soul and fuels my creativity. It is here that I find solace, peace, and a sense of belonging. The images I capture reflect my deep love and passion for the natural world. But the true magic happens in post-processing. It is in this stage that I bring all my ideas and concepts together, combining multiple images into a single one. The process of blending colors, textures, and perspectives brings me immense joy, as I witness my vision come to life. 

So, next time you find yourself lost in the chaos of everyday life, take a moment to step outside. Feel the cool breeze on your skin, listen to the gentle rustle of leaves, feel the grass beneath your feet, take your camera and let yourself be captivated by the beauty that surrounds you. Nature has a way of reminding us that our true home is not confined within walls, but rather, it is nestled in the arms of nature itself. 


Follow the artist on Instagram: @carlieramat

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