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Night, Astro and Long Exposure Photography with Ontario Creator Scott Visscher

Scott Visscher photography interview - light painting, astro and steel wool
Welcome to our interview and feature of Ontario, Canada based photographer Scott Visscher, a serious enthusiast for night time and experimental photography like long exposure and light painting, and astro photography of star trails and constellations.

Scott brings an artistic sense to his photography and often seeks out unique locations from the Greater Toronto Area to the shores of Ontario’s Great Lakes. Here we present a diverse range of Scott’s works. Hope you enjoy!

Scott co-leads a photo walk and workshop at Toronto Island on May 11, 2023. If you are interested in joining us please buy a ticket.

This is the Tdot Shots Five Questions Interview. Please scroll for images and questions / answers.

Who are you? 

My name is Scott Visscher.  I’m a husband, father to 3 girls, healthcare worker by day, and photographer by night! 

How did you get into photography? 

I’ve always been interested in photography, and frequently enjoyed using those disposable cameras back in public school (perhaps dating myself a little here!).  In 2012 I picked up my first DSLR and tried to understand the aspects of photography a little bit more (exposure/aperture/shutter etc).  I primarily used that camera for trips and family vacations.  I started to lean into photography more in 2019, with night photography at a family cottage and city photos throughout Toronto, but then 2020 happened…photography took a pause, and we ended up moving north out of the city to Newmarket.  In 2021 I took an astro photography workshop to get a better understanding of settings/composition and have been hooked on photographing the night sky ever since.

What do you like to shoot and where? 

I love taking nightscape style images, typically using some sort of foreground object with the stars.  From abandoned houses, old cars or myself in frame!  You’ll often find me driving 2-3hours out of the GTA light pollution to rural Ontario to find these great locations.   I like to experiment with light painting, steel wool and time lapses as well!

What gear do you use? 

Canon 80D + Sigma f/3.5 10-20mm 
Canon 6D + Canon f/1.4 24mm

Who are your favourite photographers? 

@garycphoto got me hooked on capturing the night sky in unique ways 

@eddiemarkhampyro and @kurt.wang with their Toronto captures and alignments 

And many more to count, including; @blindmonkeystudios, @soundinthenight, @free_dp.ey,  @alftown, @rich.nixx

Thank you Scott! We appreciate your contribution to this series! 👍

Follow the photographer on Instagram: @scottvisscher

Join us at the Toronto Island Photo Walk and Workshop presented with Scott on May 11 / And visit tdot.cc/events for other events with GTA creators.

Register for the event with Scott.

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