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5 Spots in Toronto for Good Photos (Video Review)

Welcome to a new feature where we review a video from YouTube, letting you know what’s good or bad about it, and whether it’s worth your time. Let’s get started shall we.

First impressions

The video author is Daniel Marchione. He lets us know at the beginning that he’s after some “dope spots.” Let’s see if he covers what we think are some of the better photo spots in the city. I came across this video by searching for “toronto street photography.”

Daniel has some solid production value in this video. I’m actually surprised that the views are so low – only 3.9k views. The video deserves more!

Dan writes: “Here are some great spots to get good photos in Toronto that aren’t your typical tourist hot spots (like the CN Tower) Depending on the time of day you can definitely get some creative shots of these places. The first is Riverdale park, great for a unique view of the city skyline. The Gooderham building and St. Lawrence market is a great location to walk around and take photos of the surrounding area. The Art Gallery of Ontario is a unique structure that poses great potential for sunset photography, architectural photography and street photography, also located close to the very unique OCAD building. Old City Hall is a historic building in Toronto that is great for well composed architecture photography blending old and new architecture. Finally, Casa Loma is an iconic Castle in Toronto, YES a CASTLE in the city. Great architecture and great sunset spot.”

Locations in the video

The spots he hits up are:

  • Riverdale Park
  • Gooderham building
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Old City Hall
  • Casa Loma

Great list don’t you think? These spots cover all of the city from east to west and from downtown in the heart of the city all the way up to the castle on the hill aka Casa Loma.

Give the video a watch and be sure to follow the creator. Awesome job Dan!

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