Long Exposures

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Long Exposure Photography in Toronto: Steel Wool Spinning and Light Painting Events

Steel wool spinning is an absolutely stunning visual display that looks incredible in person and phenomenal in long exposure photography. The same is true for other kinds of light painting, particularly in the hands of someone who has had opportunity to practice and delve deeply into the art form. In August 2022 I collaborated with…

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Experiments with Long Exposure and Light Painting Photography (Tips and Events)

Have you tried long exposure photography? Without a doubt this technique can yield incredible results. You can try it with any kind of camera, even a smartphone. All you need is a tripod. If you go out at night the long exposures can be lengthened and your creativity can have no limit. The ultimate long…

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Steel Wool Photography – Spinning with Fire!

Join our Light Painting Photo Walk on August 7, 2022 (Tickets are $8 / limit of 20 participants) Steel wool photography is a style of long exposure photography. Similar to capturing car light trails with a long shutter speed, we use this similar technique to capture sparks coming off of the spinning steel wool. Sounds…

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Spring Blog Series: Exploring Photography Niches from Street to Aerial to Landscape and More

Photography genres are pretty wide and many photographers pick one and dive deep into it. But there are questions around this process. Should you pick a specific style of photography or branch out and explore? Learn how you can contribute to the new series.

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Long Exposure Street Photography (Capture Epic Light Trails)

Mohit is a photographer from Toronto who was kind enough to share their perspective and experience on capturing long exposure light trails. All Photos by Mohit Pradhan. GETTING STARTED A lot of photographers think that long exposure photography is difficult. Apparently, it’s one of the easiest genres of photography. A tripod, a basic understanding of the…