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Photography: Basic Image Editing On A Street Shot In Adobe Lightroom

By Sayantan Basu

“Covid 19” or Corona virus has people indoors a lot. As a photographer being quarantined is really challenging but I think we should accept this and strategize our next step accordingly to “make the most of the quarantine”.

The thing I am doing these days is editing, which involves revisiting my old memory cards, figuring out some untouched photographs and processing them in my own way to give it a unique style.

You can see below the raw version of Elgin & Winter Garden Theater that I captured a few weeks back. I am going to share the basic post processing technique that I followed to process this photograph using Adobe Lightroom.

Special Tip: streets are always dramatic and unpredictable, so getting the perfect composition is really tough. That’s why I always prefer to keep extra room which I can crop later to eliminate all the distractions. 

Finally comes the most interesting part where I play with dodging and burning to give it a 3-dimensional effect. That’s it! Hope you enjoy the final result!

I always save my adjustments as custom preset on Lightroom so that I can reuse it in future for similar types of photographs.

Happy shooting and editing!

Sayantan Basu

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I am a software engineer by profession and photographer by passion. I am an avid traveler who loves to explore new places. Though I binge more on Landscape and Travel photography but I enjoy taking street photos as well.

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