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Exploring Toronto with Nature and Animal Photographer Carlier Morejon

Toronto nature photographer almost sounds like an oxymoron – this is, after all, a giant metropolis. But there are natural gems across this city, mainly near the lakefront and in the plentiful river valleys. Whether Tommy Thompson Park in the east or High Park and the Humber Bay in the west, adventurous photographers can find their photographic prey.

Carlier explained how travel used to be commonplace and exploring your own city or neighbourhood was somehow secondary, but in the days of the pandemic and lockdown, local exploration became a must.

Writes Carlier:

“Traveling… It feels so foreign, almost as if it belonged to a different lifetime.
From waking up to the smell of freshly baked croissants in Paris to the beeping sound of the tuk-tuk in New Delhi, this was a normal week for me a year ago as I worked as an International Flight Attendant.

From the moment I boarded the plane, my heart was filled with excitement and curiosity. The unknown adventures ahead were the powerful engines that moved me.

For almost 10 years I never really stayed home for more than a couple of days at a time. I spent the Winters in South America, watched the flowers bloom in Europe a month earlier than in Canada and my Summers belonged to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

After losing my job last spring, the world I knew simply vanished in front of me. I realized that I knew more about some foreign cities around the globe than I knew about my own. Driven by my love for nature and my desire for travel and adventure, I now look at things differently….. this time through my camera lens.

Photography allows me to find my inner freedom. Call it the “flow state” or “being in the zone”, I think we all love when we deeply dive into something and completely lose track of time. Experiencing those special connections with animals and being able to capture those unrepeatable moments in nature has done that for me.
I love combining two or more of my images to transmit a more personal meaning. The single flower in some of my work represents the gift of nature and the fragile beauty of ecosystems.

Places like Tommy Thompson Park and The Humber River have become my new isolated Greek Islands to discover while raccoons, deer, beavers and chipmunks are amongst my closest friends these days. Although I miss the traveling lifestyle, I have to say that nothing compares to waking up to the cardinal’s call, inviting me to explore more of OUR wild Toronto.

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