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What is Toronto Henge and How do I Shoot It? (Photo Tips)

Twice a year the Toronto media perks up to announce the incredible event known as Toronto Henge sunset. The next occurrence is today. Though it’s good for a few days up to a week before or after the perfect alignment.  What is Toronto Henge? The sun aligns with the East and West streets to create an…

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Shoot Wide / Landscape and Crop to Portrait or Square Aspect Ratio (Photography and Social Media Tips)

As a photographer, I prefer to shoot in landscape mode, which is more natural to me. I can then post landscape images online to my website or Flickr, and optionally post portrait crop images to social media such as Instagram. In this post I’ll explain my process and share examples.

Level Up Your Digital Media Skills with Our Photo Graphics with Photoshop Online Course
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Level Up Your Digital Media Skills with Our Photo Graphics with Photoshop Online Course

Are you looking for ways to improve your design and digital media skills? Would you like to add Photoshop or video editing to your resume? You’re in the right place, ’cause we have a tip to get you on track. You can join our course “Photo Video Workshop” and up your game with a micro-program designed to elevate your design and media skillset.

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Tdot Shots presents the Iconic Toronto Photo Contest 2021

Tdot Shots presents the Iconic Toronto Photo Contest! Are you going to enter? Let us know!.Contest is from September 15 to October 31 / use contest hashtag #iconictoronto.Let us know if you are able to volunteer to help with our website or social media marketing or events .During the contest please follow public health guidelines and use…

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Create a Photo Animation from an Image Sequence in Photoshop (Make a GIF or Video)

Want to make a photo animation for social media or your website? I’ll walk you through it. Situation: You have 3-4 images or more that you’d like to create an animated photo sequence from. You may have shot with motor drive or just shot a very quick continuous series with the same composition. You can…

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Spring Blog Series: Exploring Photography Niches from Street to Aerial to Landscape and More

Photography genres are pretty wide and many photographers pick one and dive deep into it. But there are questions around this process. Should you pick a specific style of photography or branch out and explore? Learn how you can contribute to the new series.

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Tdot Shots Toronto Photo Contest Awards 2020 (View Gallery and Critique)

Introduction and Greetings Tdot Shots and our sponsor ProLab Canada would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported our contest and participated. We awarded 3 prizes to the finalists in our categories: city & town, community and GTA FFA. Congrats to the winners! Are you curious about the entries and judging?…

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For the Love of Astro Photography (From City Moons to the Comet Chase)

Writing and photography by Eddie Chan @eddiemarkhampyro Additional photography by @dp.ey Graphics and writing by Mike Simpson @tdot_shots Astrophotography is amazing! It’s the photography of astronomical objects and events, mainly in the night sky. Besides focusing on the moon, sun, and planets, astro-photographers capture images via long exposure, allowing us to see dim stars and…

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Tdot Shots Photo Contest presents Finalists for City and Town Category

Very happy to announce the finalists for the City & Town category! Congratulations to all and good luck! Our panel of judges short listed about two dozen images for this category and then chose 2-3 favourites. We compromised on a final list of 5 and published them today. Hope you will comment on the post!…