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Canadian Geographic 2022 Photos and Photographer of the Year Competition

This week, Canadian Geographic magazine announced the winners of the 2022 Photo of the Year competition and the finalists and winners’ images are stunning. We suggest you have a look at the amazing photography. Congrats to the winners! We understand the importance of recognizing accomplishment and mastery in the photographic arts, as host our own…

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Photography Tips and Interview with Toronto Street Photographer Ravi Maharaj

Are you curious about how to go about shooting strangers on the street? So are we! Read on for tips from a pro. We love the work and approach of Toronto Street photographer Ravi Maharaj. Ravi was kind enough the share insights about the process of getting up close and personal with your subjects in…

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Tdot Shots Photo Walk Meetups in Toronto (Summer 2021)

We are pleased to announce our photo walks start in July. Our first one will be July 18. They are opportunities to shoot new spots, and network with fellow creators. We plan to host about 6 walks through July and August. Dates and locations to be announced. Walks are Sunday evenings at sunset. Registration Because…

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Interview with Toronto Black and White Photographer Paulo Carvalho aka @the10minus4

The Tdot Shots Five Questions Interview series profiles Toronto area photographers. Paulo Carvalho’s photography is notable for its strong geometric forms and creative compositions featuring reflections and high contrast lighting.

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Where to See and How to Shoot Cherry Blossoms and Other Blooms in Toronto this Spring

We are under lockdown. But we can be creative about cherry blossom photography and still be safe and responsible. This article describes various options for shooting and viewing cherry blossoms in Toronto, but the techniques could work for any location anywhere.

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Spring Blog Series: Exploring Photography Niches from Street to Aerial to Landscape and More

Photography genres are pretty wide and many photographers pick one and dive deep into it. But there are questions around this process. Should you pick a specific style of photography or branch out and explore? Learn how you can contribute to the new series.

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Capturing Kindness During Crisis (Signs of the Times in Toronto)

Documenting Our Community and Covid-19 via Street Photography Article and images by Shawna Cohen aka @co.snaps Sleep while you still can, they told me. Kiss your career goodbye, they warned. Ah, the things you hear when you’re pregnant. Turns out, what I missed most after having a baby was simply brunching and wandering the city:…