Spring Blog Series: Exploring Photography Niches from Street to Aerial to Landscape and More

by | Apr 1, 2021

Photography genres are pretty wide and many photographers pick one and dive deep into it. But there are questions around this process. Should you pick a specific style of photography or branch out and explore? Learn how you can contribute to the new series.

Some niches of photography have obstacles and approaches which require getting out of your comfort zone or getting out of the city. More questions arise: How much equipment do you need to shoot portraits? How do you get the nerve to snap a street photo with your subject starting right at you? Are drones legal and can you take up drone photography in urban areas? Where can one shoot killer landscape photos in the concrete sprawl known as the mega-city aka Toronto?

We’re working on the articles with contributors right now – we not only hope you’ll read these articles, but we invite you to participate in the making of them. Get started in publishing your work by collaborating with Tdot Shots. We seek about 8-10 core contributors who will volunteer their time to share their work with us.


We are excited to announce our spring blog series. We will post a new blog post once a week from mid April through early June. Please contribute. It’s a simple process and we’ll guide you through the steps. For more details read our contributor guide.


Here are the topics: A series exploring photography and niche styles in the GTA.




Aerial and Drone
Urban Exploration
Long Exposure
Light Painting
Steel Wool


We seek 3 kinds of content contribution:


It’s especially important to contribute your writing – we need short articles from the community
You don’t need to be a writer per se, just have something to say and put pen to paper (or keyboard to a Google doc!).

Want to contribute photos or videos? We welcome both, especially if you have portrait and wide aspect images.


Would you like to contribute? Read on!

Do you write? We will prioritize working with people who either blog or write a little, and we’ll assist with editing. Of course we welcome your photos and videos too.

What you could do immediately is pick out 5-6 of your favourite recent shots, ideally in a wide aspect ratio, and put them in a Google folder and share that with us by sharing the link.

You will receive clear and proper credit. We won’t distribute your images elsewhere and you will get exposure via the blog and our Instagram pages.

Images need to be fairly big. We’d be grateful if you can send them at least 2000 px wide. Send the biggest uncropped version if possible. Lightly edited images are best.

View contributor guidelines for details.


Please get in touch today. Our initial deadline is Friday April 16. We may not accept contributions after that date.

If you haven’t seen our blog please check it out: https://tdotshots.com/blog/


Questions on how to get started? Shoot us an email: [email protected]


Looking forward to your contribution!

Mike Simpson
Publisher, Tdot Shots

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