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Create a Website, Blog or Portfolio on Our New Site Network (Tdot Connect Launch News)

Grow your creative skills with Tdot Connect

Hey everyone. We are excited to announce the launch of our new site, Tdot Connect. This is an expansion of the services we started offering with our “Studio” site. We now proudly announce the arrival of Tdot Connect. We hope you will join us.

At launch you can register for Plus and Pro memberships and be able to:

  • access to members-only premium blog posts
  • take creative courses in subjects like Photoshop and WordPress (and more to come)
  • create your own site or sites on our WordPress network
  • network with other creatives
  • get discounts on paid events and workshops

Sound interesting? If you are an aspiring artist, compulsive creator or passionate photographer you should consider signing up. A membership will help you grow your skills and promote yourself on your own site.

Get a WordPress Site on Our Network

WordPress is the leader in web CMSs (content management systems) and we are happy our users can experience and learn how to use the most common web tech in the world (market leader at 40%).

Courses in Digital Media

Our courses include “Photo Graphics with Photoshop.” Take this course as a member of our sister site, Tdot Connect. We also offer a WordPress course and we will add more courses this year.

Photo Graphics with Photoshop

Please consider supporting our work by joining Tdot Connect, our Creative Hub. You can take a course and create your own portfolio site.

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