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Incredible 4k Landscape Timelapse Video Shot in Beautiful British Columbia

With almost 5 million views this is a highly acclaimed YouTube video that is super stunning and well worth your time. It’s highly innovative, making use of the Spectrum ST4 4-axis Motion Controller provided by eMotimo to capture the amazing footage. This device is not cheap at around $2,500 but it is pretty phenomenal.

Says the video creator: “I travelled 5500 km in six weeks exploring the vast landscapes of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, always looking to place my camera gear in the most beautiful sceneries possible.

With 54.000 single photos shot along the way I created ALIVE – a timelapse film which takes you on a vivid journey through wild forests, along the shores of crystal lakes and up the hills of massive mountains.

By making this project, I want to raise awareness of our wonderful planet earth which we have the privilege to be part of. That’s why we have to take responsibility for it – for the place where we are alive.”

The artist, located in Konstanz, Germany, describes themselves as a “filmmaker | Director of Photography,” with a passion for the “outdoors, adventure, sports & travel.”

Credits for Timelapse & Edit by Florian Nick
Instagram: / flo.nick
YouTube: / flonick

Music & Sound Design: Julian Lindenmann – julianlindenmann.com

Watch the Video

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