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The Pros and Cons of Drones for Aerial and Landscape Photography

Feature photo collage: Lincoln, Ontario replica shipwreck and Hamilton, Ontario by the author @dronefate

Writing and photography by Farhaan Iqbal

Seeing the world from above is a unique and stunning perspective. Flying drones is also a fun hobby. The advantages of drones – whether professional or recreational – is that they have given us the ability to discover more, to see more and to go to places where we are not able to go. One such example would be volcanic hotspots.

My name is Farhaan and I got started with drones when I received my first as a gift for my birthday. Due to the pandemic, many of us began working from home. This situation gave me more time to learn about drones, along with videography & photo editing. I now make videos & tutorials on YouTube.

Burlington, Ontario, by the author, @dronefate

Pros of Drones for Aerial Photography

Drones help engineers survey locations faster and more efficiently, which saves quite a bit of time. Filmmakers also don’t require helicopters to get those unique cinematic Hollywood shots that introduce movie scenes. Real estate videography and photography is even more pleasing from the perspective of a drone.

Small time creators such as myself can increase the variety of shots in videos due to bird’s eye perspectives. Many travel vloggers also use drones to add some breathtaking scenery from their travels which allows the audience to feel closer to those locations and scenic spots.

Cons of Drones for Aerial Photography

Some people are absolutely reckless which endangers people & properties. They use drones to spy on people or fly near airports which leads to stricter laws for flying drones.  I recently came across an article which mentioned drugs being transported using bigger drones which is appalling. Flying close to people relaxing on beaches or on busy roads has caused some serious accidents.

The author at work and play with the DJI Air 2S / photo by @dronefate


Technology can be used for good or bad. In my opinion, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. As most drones have GPS they can be tracked in case of emergencies. Drone manufacturers should make more effort to educate new pilots & so should the governments in accordance with their laws.

From putting out fires to spraying pesticides across fields, drones have proven their worth in efficiency & ease. They are also a rewarding way for hobbyist and professionals to capture landscapes from an amazing new perspective.

So, are you flying drones? What do you think about drone photography?

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Article and photography by Farhaan Iqbal aka @dronefate. Check out their profile on Instagram.

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