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Spectacular Sunset and Henge Light for our Downtown Photo Walk to Gooderham Building

What a great meetup! The light was amazing, it was a super group, and we got some wicked shots on Front St. We walked from Union Station to the Gooderham Building and then popped over to St. James Cathedral.

Have you ever shot the henge light in this city or a similar event in other cities like Chicago or New York? We wrote about Toronto henge a year ago and knew we had to have a go at it this past month, Februrary 2023.

Twice a year mother nature can bless us with sunset light on the east-west streets of the city that take your breath away – and can really blind you! Be careful it is too bright!

Typically the alignment with the sun and the sunset light takes place in mid to late October and Feburary. So you have two opportunities each year. Same goes with the sunrise wich offers alighment twice a year.

We were delighted with our luck. The sky held some clouds to add some visual interest and the sun burned down Wellington Street just over the north side of the Gooderham building aka the “flatiron building,” an elegant old-fashioned building with amazing architecture.

Big THANK YOU to all who could make it out. See you again soon!

Photos from the Meetup

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Thank you / credits

We are grateful to all the creators who shared their images with us after the event. We have credited them in the Instagram post. Please swipe or click through to view all images. Give a follow to the photographers!

Images in feature image by Mike Simpson aka @tdot_mike.

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