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Interview with Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario landscape photographer Ajo Mathew

Ajo Mathew is a Toronto area photographer with a keen eye for composition and beautiful artistic touch to the editing process. The landscapes and cityscapes of Ajo’s portfolio are glowing and luminous, often feature water, trees or elements of nature, even when the subject is an urban skyline or architectural feature.

Who are you? I’m Ajo Mathew. I’m basically a registered nurse and landscape photographer.

How did you get started with photography? I usually start my job early morning so I could see the beautiful colours of sky and wonders of nature which pushed me to get start with a basic canon camera and phone then I took it seriously to get in landscape photography, and night photography.

What do you like to shoot and where? My favourite time to shoot the sunrises, I love to shoot more in the countryside and I always try make difference in compositions.

What gear do you use? I’ve Sony A7RIII, DJI AIR 2S and a OnePlus phone.

Who are your favourite photographers? Mindzeye (Mike), Aytec Cetin and Max Rive.

Thank you Ajo. Follow the artist on Instagram: @into_the_frames_n_hues

Humber Bay Park, Toronto, Ontario and Abraham Lake, Alberta / Photos by Ajo Mathew
Meadow and farm country in Ontario, Canada / Image right is Perth / Photos by Ajo Mathew

Interview with @into_the_tones_n_hues also posted at our Instagram @tdot_shots

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