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Tdot Shots Photo Walk Meetups in Toronto (Summer 2021)

We are pleased to announce our photo walks start in July. Our first one will be July 18. They are opportunities to shoot new spots, and network with fellow creators.

We plan to host about 6 walks through July and August. Dates and locations to be announced. Walks are Sunday evenings at sunset.


Because of covid we will have a registration system so you can provide your details and pre-register.

Our first photo walk will be organized by invitation to the community members who supported our 2020 photo walks and our contributors. 

Get involved

Want more information? Would you like to get involved? We always recommend you sign up for our newsletter to get updates. Follow @tdot_shots on Instagram and get involved with the community by commenting on our posts and engaging with other photographers.

Our full walk and meetup schedule will be posted soon. Thanks for your interest.

Photo Credit: Photo by @mikesimpson.ms / In frame @nnfsnapshots

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