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Fun Midwinter Meetup and Photo Walk at the University of Toronto

A group of a dozen photographers came out on a gorgeous mild February day to stroll and shoot the amazing campus at the U of T aka University of Toronto. We’ve included their photos contributions in this post! Please read and scroll to the end 🙂

In this photo collage at left/above we can see (clockwise from top left): Croft Chapter House with its iconic circular roof, the view downtown toward the CN tower from King’s College circle at Convocation Hall, the archway below Soldiers’ Tower, and the side of University College adjacent Soldiers’ Tower. These are some of the amazing spots we visit on our photo walks at the U of T.

Credits: Katie Mazz, Mike Simpson, Paolo de Los Reyes. and Michael Burke.


We met on Bloor Street and walked from Varsity Stadium to Philosopher’s Walk, which starts at the Alexandra Gates beside the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). We walked past the iconic Trinty College, Soldier’s tower, Hart House and University College. We had to detour over to St. George because of construction, but we marveled at Croft Chapter House and Knox College as we worked our way back around the the centre of campus at Convocation Hall.

Despite the construction the big renewal and renovation project on campus is really shaping up. The pedestrian areas have greatly expanded and the landscaped areas really complement the traditional look of the historic buildings. It’s a pleasure to walk the U of T and we invite you to join us by registering for a photo walk.

Highlights of our photo walk:

  • Philosopher’s Walk
  • Trinity College
  • Soldiers’ Tower
  • University College
  • Knox College
  • Convocation Hall
  • King’s College Circle

Here is a post with some amazing images from our contributors. Please swipe or click through to view all the images and be sure to follow the talented photographers.

Special shout out to the feature image photographer Steve Smith – thanks for coming out to the meetup and sharing your photo with us!

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Group Photo

Here are the lovely people who came out for the photo walk! Thanks for joining us and hope to see you again soon!

Group photo from Tdot Shots Photo Walk on Sunday Feb. 5, 2023 / Photo by Katie Mazz

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Participant Testimonial

 “It was great to meet like-minded people. Everyone was really friendly, sharing camera settings, talking about what gear they use and gaining different photography perspectives whilst exploring an area of Toronto that I hadn’t before.”
– Steve Smith

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